Personal Tax & Self-Employed Accounting

Personal Tax Returns

If you are required to submit a tax return due to dividends / trusts / higher rate tax then get in touch.

Self-employed accounting

The tax year goes around quickly and we all know the panic of having to get your accounts in order in a rush.

WhittakerPlane can help get all your paperwork under control and can bring it all together ready to submit to HMRC.

No matter what sort of mess your paperwork is in, we can help straighten it out and put you in control.

Once you are on top of your accounts. we:

  • provide advice on which records to keep,
  • show how to keep up to date with your accounts as you go, rather than all at the end rather than remembering back to last May.
  • can advise you throughout the year on up-to-date information
  • advise on the amounts due for tax, and national insurance class 1 and class 2
  • can provide bookkeeping training
  • can provide bookkeeping services

We can also provide invaluable advice on when, and how you need to register, and give you a road map of your first tax return, and when you need to pay, and how you need to pay, and also we give you advice on how much you might have to pay on your first tax return.